Fire Blue Jewelry Injection Wax 5lb

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Fire Blue Jewelry Injection Wax 5lb Description

Precizioned Fire Blue, PZ-J 522LB, is a uniquely formulated premium jewelry injection pattern wax suitable for general patterns and specifically for the production of highly detailed patterns requiring superior strength and flexibility for more delicate filigree designs. This wax offers an exceptional balance of characteristics with the appropriate level of ductility for easy removal from the mold without damaging the pattern. Fire Blue provides excellent injection, good flow, low shrinkage, exceptional surface finish and reproduction of fine detail with improved levels of opacity toughness. Fire Blue offers a very high level of consistency with extremely low ash residue. Fire Blue is also recommended for stone in place casting.

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Too, the product-range from the well-known allows you to pick the Fire Blue Jewelry Injection Wax 5lb to each taste along with budget (both cheap in addition to premium-class) appointment the highest specifications.


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